Your professional path to becoming a Digital Detective

Our suite of flexible and fast-adapting products supports the entire target acquisition process, turning zettabytes of data into definite targets.



Covering the source development stage of the investigation, ProBot is an adaptable, analyst-friendly tool for the creation of advanced robots that allow investigators the independence to move forward with the investigation as required. ProBot robots collect massive amounts of relevant data in a short time from any digital source, and can adapt to new and changing sources quickly and easily, so as not to hold up the investigation.



A robust, real-time investigation platform that analyzes the collected and enriched data, ProFound is a powerful tool capable of handling big data, while flexible enough to enable scalability and precise customization. ProFound leverages entity extraction, link analysis, geo-location analysis and more, to analyze different entities, provide insights, detect fake profiles and extract definite targets.



Designed to support the enrichment stage of the investigation, ProFiler provides a 360-degree view of the suspect’s real-world and online presence. Utilizing artificial intelligence, ProFiler enables analysts to retrieve information and draw insights based on fragments of information, such as name, phone number, email, social identifier, location and photo.