Turning the Spotlight on Your Suspect

ProFiler allows investigators and analysts from different domains to obtain a 360-degree view of their suspect’s real-world and online presence.


Enrich Data. Gather Insights

Designed to support the enrichment stage of the investigation, ProFiler enables investigators to retrieve information and draw insights on multiple suspects simultaneously, using fragments of information such as their names, phone numbers, emails, social identifiers, locations and photos.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, ProFiler provides valuable insights into the suspect’s personal history, demographics, interests, connections and routine. ProFiler also enables users to explore the hidden links

between the suspect’s friends and those they interact with, as
well as between other suspects profiled in the same
investigation. All results are presented in a comprehensive
report that can be easily integrated with other case
management systems for further analysis.

Deployed on-premises as well as in a private cloud,
ProFiler is designed to draw insights from non-web,
public records and other out-of-the-box sources, while
also integrating domain-specific and proprietary
organizational sources.



Beginning with a small piece of information such as a phone number, email, name or other known attribute such as a social identifier or photo, ProFiler performs a single or multi-suspect search at a click of a button. Scanning the different sources for possible matches, ProFiler attempts to locate the precise suspect, displaying multiple matches according to relevance when search results are too wide.




Information about the suspect is gathered from various sources, including mobile applications, social networks, websites, search engines, forums and blogs, supporting ProFiler’s thorough profile enrichment. Additional information about the suspect is retrieved from databases, 3rd party data providers, deep and dark web sources, and other integrated customer sources, creating a comprehensive profile with in-depth insights.



Target and Case

All profile generation is linked to a specific ‘Suspect’ and ‘Case’, allowing ProFiler to automatically search for and generate profile reports any time a new suspect is added to a case. When multiple suspects or clues are added to a case, a mass upload of CSV or Excel files can be performed, launching multiple search iterations simultaneously. All historic searches and previously investigated suspects can be viewed or compared with newly gathered information, surfacing hidden connections between cases and suspects



Insights, Reports
and Notifications

By analyzing data from publicly shared posts, social interactions and other aspects of the suspect’s digital presence, ProFiler provides insights on the suspect’s routine, locations and connections. Insights may expose hidden patterns of temporal, geographical and social activity, compiled into comprehensive reports that can be downloaded as PDF files. Users are notified when new profiles are completed and when new data regarding monitored suspects is retrieved. In addition, users are notified when similar searches are performed by other users within the organization, and when suspects and their connected entities appear in other cases.


Digital Clues helped us narrow down the investigation to 20 suspects
Intelligence agency, Asia
The platform's dynamic ontology allows ideal flexibility in source development.
Intelligence agency, Europe