Our Robots are as Flexible as Today's Sources are Dynamic

ProBot is an adaptable, analyst-friendly tool for the creation and sharing of advanced robotic processes for any and every source.


Develop New Sources.
Collect Data.

ProBot is a rich tool with an easy-to-use graphic interface (GUI) that allows analysts to quickly and easily create custom robots (crawlers), which can extract specific content from any website, forum and social network,
in any language.

A query search can be set to automatically and constantly search almost all online open sources based on user-

defined variables, such as keywords, locations, time,
targeted accounts and more. By imitating human surfing behavior,
the robots collect relevant information from
Web 2.0 sources that would not have been accessible otherwise.
Once designed, the robots can be quickly and easily modified according
to online changes and new, relevant sources.


Seamless Automation

Designed to imitate human behavior and surfing patterns, ProBot robots’ automatic use of open sources and interaction with social networks, harvests the most important information fragments from dynamic websites, while maintaining security and anonymity.



Pre-programmed algorithms allow ProBot robots to transform unstructured data into structured format, extract repetitive information, and support multi-lingual analysis that adapts to text transformations and regular expressions.



Supporting both single and multiple users, when published onto a server and shared, ProBot robots are adapted to advanced Web 2.0 technologies (including Asynchronous JavaScript – AJAX). They also perform dynamic allocation of framework-managed resources (virtual agents, proxies, login credentials, API keys, cookies etc.), and export outputs to common formats (csv, JSON and more) and integrated modules for further visualization and analysis.


Security and

With the aim of avoiding detection and preventing robots from being blocked, ProBot uses a proper proxy and a defined language and cookies for each robot, allowing the user to browse the web while maintaining the robot cover through a dedicated browser extension.

Digital Clues helped us narrow down the investigation to 20 suspects
Intelligence agency, Asia
The platform's dynamic ontology allows ideal flexibility in source development.
Intelligence agency, Europe